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Erin J. Bernard is a freelance writer, editor, and photographer from Portland, Oregon. Before becoming a writer, Erin worked as a nanny and an ESL classroom teacher. She taught English at a Montessori school in Mexico and then ran an after-school language program in South Korea. Erin is the editor of the parenting guide, “Instructions Not Included: A Pediatrician’s Prescription for Raising the Best Kids on the Block,” written by Irwin H. Berkowitz, MD.

Articles by Erin J.

Teaching Movies for Life’s Tough Dilemmas

These four fun children’s films also impart important ethical lessons.

Around the World in Four Bedtime Stories

These far-flung bedtime tales bring sweet dreams to little armchair travelers

Better Family Photos in Seven Easy Tweaks

Up your photo-shooting game — no fancy camera required!

4 Fun Ways to Explore Ancestry With Your Kids

Do your children know their ancestors? Have you created a family tree? These four easy activities will make genealogy come alive for your primary schoolers, and don’t be surprised if you learn something, too!

6 Simple Tricks to Make Bedtime Less Spooky

Who’s Afraid of the Dark? Six simple tricks for making bedtime a little less spooky and getting children ready for a good night's sleep!

5 Healthy Halloween Hacks

How to lessen the bite of this oh-so-sugary holiday? A little creativity goes a long way! Try these incredible Halloween Hacks!

Egg Carton Critters

When you're looking for easy craft ideas for kids, you want a project that requires little time to prep, simple instructions, and affordable supplies. And yet, it is still creative and fun for kids to make! Here at Creative Child Magazine, we bring you new, easy art activities for toddlers through the big kids monthly!

Kids Activities: Make Your Own Magical Fairy Garden

Welcome the springtime with these whimsical indoor or outdoor wonderlands! This tutorial will guide you on how to create this fairytale kids activity!

Kids Activities: Make a Butterfly Stick Puppet

Springtime spirits will fly high even when the rain’s falling down with these beautiful monarch butterfly puppets — the wings even flutter! Kids can fly them about the house or make a few and stage their very own nature play for family and friends.

Kids Activities: Rainbow Craft

This hanging tissue-paper rainbow will add a splash of color to your kitchen or playroom! Try this just in time for St. Patrick’s Day kids activities or for a lesson in colors!

Kids Kitchen: St. Patrick's Day Snack Recipes

These fun afternoon snacks are a snap to make together with your elementary-age kids this St. Patrick’s Day. Cook up a few kids recipes and create a fun, festive spread to share with visiting friends.

Kids Activities: St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate the luck of the Irish with one of these cute and colorful kids activities for St. Patrick's Day.

Kids Activities: Chinese New Year Snacks

Looking for kid's activities for the Chinese New Year? Whip up one of these fast and fun Chinese New Year recipes, then talk about your wishes for the year as you enjoy the results. Happy snacking!

Kids Activities: Diversity Chain

Let’s Make a Diversity Chain!

Craft Ideas: Year of the Sheep

Did you know that 2015 is the Year of the Sheep according to the Chinese astrological calendar? (It’s also being called the Year of the Goat or the Ram). This Chinese New Year, celebrate by making this cute kid's activities, sheep mask! It is truly “ewnique”!

Craft Ideas: Cheery Chinese Lantern

Celebrate Chinese New Years with colorful kid's activities, such as this colorful festival lantern. Make your home bright and cheerful by making and stringing the paper lanterns up and around your home! Fun Fact: The Chinese believe that the lanterns usher in life, prosperity and new beginnings. Plus, These lanterns can be made from just about any kind of paper you have around the house, but we love thick construction paper and leftover Christmas wrap the best.

Kids Activities: Chinese New Year

Try these Chinese New Years kids activities with your children!

Craft Ideas: 5+ Crafty Ways to Celebrate President’s Day with Your Kids

Impart some lively lessons in honesty, patriotism and citizen’s rights with these presidential craft ideas and kids activities!

Kids Activities: Host a Valentine’s Day Tea

Put on a festive Valentine’s Day Tea at your home to say “Thanks” to these important people, but teach kids a fun lesson in hospitality and manners by letting them take the lead on planning and hosting the event. Here’s how to plan this sweet Kids Activity!

Health: Pay Tribute to Happy, Healthy Hearts

A healthy heart. It’s a thing of beauty, and yet heart disease remains the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States, according to the American Heart Association. Fortunately, there’s plenty families can do to prevent it. It’s best to start establishing healthy habits young, and when better than American Heart Month? We’ve got a few easy kids activities and ideas for teaching your kids to care for their tickers and celebrate the health of their hearts this February and beyond.
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