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Jennifer McLaughlin

Jennifer is a former special education teacher and mentor. She obtained her bachelor's degree at Kent State University in Ohio. She enjoys dancing, reading and spending time training her dog, BrunoMars. 

Articles by Jennifer

Back to School Basics

Preparing to go back to school is stressful on both parents and children, but it doesn’t have to be!

Creative Child Magazine Holds 14th Annual Awards Program

“The awards program has a mission to honor the very best in toys, games and youth entertainment products,” said Alisa Mirabal, Chief Operating Officer at Scooterbay Publishing. “Winning a Creative Child Award illustrates the manufacturers’ creativity, skill, and dedication to their craft and serves as a testament to great production.”

6 Creative Mother’s Day Gifts

Dads and kids can pitch in to create an unforgettable Mother’s Day! Here are 6 creative ideas for gifts that mom will love!

Should You Allow Your Children to Use Kiddle?

While Kiddle tries to filter as much adult content as possible, there are still sites that pop up that one family may find inappropriate or another may deem to be offensive. However, parents...

Carseat Safety Guidelines

In this article, parents and caregivers ask questions regarding carseat safety and installation guidelines. Read more for questions you may need answered too!

Shonda Rhimes On Parenting, Working and Her Year of Yes

Shonda Rhimes opens up and speaks about her life, motherhood and the "hum" of being a workaholic, writer and television producer. This ultimately led to her "Year of Yes", which changed her outlook on parenting and motherhood.

Best Pinterest Boards for Parents

We have searched far and wide for the Best Pinterest Boards for Parents! Here is a great list for crafts, recipes and parenting tips that will be sure to have all that you can ever want and need! Happy Pinning!

Holidays Around the World

From Christmas, to Hanukkah, to Kwanzaa, to Boxing Day, the winter months especially hold holiday traditions for several countries and cultures. Join us as we take a trip around the world, exploring holidays around the world!

22 Holiday Handprint Ideas

We have searched the web far and wide for some great holiday inspired handprint and footprint ideas for kids to make. All of these ideas can be created with simple supplies and a big imagination. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

12 Must-See Thanksgiving Outfits

We have found 12 of the most adorable must-see Thanksgiving Day outfits for your kids. Dress up for photo-shoots for the family scrapbook or as the outfit of the day on Turkey Day!

10 Best Diaper Bags for Mom and Dad

For Mom, for Dad, and of course for the kids, a great bag is a must-have item for parents. Check out our list of 10 best diaper bags for 2015!

10 Great Tips for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is one of the most enjoyed holidays for both parents and children alike. We hope that everyone has a safe and happy time whether you’re trick or treating or hosting a costume party. Here are 10 important tips to consider for a safe Halloween!

18 Hilarious Baby and Toddler Costumes

Whether it is baby's first Halloween or your toddlers just love to wear a cape 24/7, dressing up the tiny tots has to be the number one favorite thing for parents to do! We have found 18 awesome and hilarious costumes that are sure to make you smile! Click through and be sure to get to #1 in the countdown! It is one of the BEST!

15 MUST SEE Halloween Costumes for Kids

We have found 15 of the most adorable costumes for kids! Let’s get into the Halloween spirit, grab your trick or treat bags, and head out to enjoy October 31st this year with these fun ideas!

14 Hysterical Group Halloween Costumes

We have found 14 of the best group costumes for kids and families! Scroll through and click on the pictures, all while getting some Halloween cheer with these fun ideas!

10 All Time Favorite Things to Do This Fall

Autumn leaves are falling, so are the temperatures. We have compiled 10 All Time Favorite things to do with your family this fall. So get out your cozy sweaters, grab a pumpkin spice latte, and head out to enjoy the colors, sights and sounds of the season!

The Best of the Best Parenting Resources

So, here are some of the articles that we found to be the most comprehensive and helpful on our search for the best parenting tips on how to deal with many of the behaviors that parents find frustrating, bewildering and funny!

10 Toddler Tips for Problem Behaviors

Do you feel like your toddler needs an intense behavior intervention? We have searched the web for solutions, tips and advice. Here are 10 toddler problem behaviors and how to deal with them!

10 Pumpkin Crafts

With all of the many different shapes and sizes of pumpkins all around our neighborhood, we thought we’d bring some of the pumpkin fun indoors with super simple crafts for kids. We’re making cute little pumpkins with all different types of supplies!

Top Toys for Kids of All Ages

Parents, teachers and care providers are constantly on the look out for the best toys and games for the children in their lives. We have compiled a list of over 20 items that will nurture creativity, teach a lesson and are fun for kids! These are the top choices for a variety of ages.
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