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Sarah Lyons is a stay at home wife and mother of six children, including 18 month old triplets. Using creative consequences with her kids has improved their behavior and encourages healthy relationships with each other.

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A Simple Christmas: 5 Ways to Avoid Toy Overload

Two years ago, when the season came to a close I found myself yearning for a simpler Christmas, one without the toy overload. I wanted my children to still receive gifts that they wanted and for us to find joy in giving those wish list items without overdoing it.

5 Tips for Juggling Extracurricular Activities When You Have a Large Family

School mornings are busy, but an experienced mom knows the real rush is after school when the evening is packed with extracurricular activities. Whether you have two or ten kids, here are some tips from a mom with a busy family.

How to Recognize Unique Qualities in Your Kids When You Have Multiples

As a mom of multiples, I’ve noticed that they tend to get grouped together and referred to as “The Triplets.” It’s easy to forget that each child is an individual when they’re so often grouped together by default, especially if you have identical twins.

8 Things Moms of Big Families Will Understand

After the birth of our triplets two years ago, we went from a family of five to a family of eight overnight. It was a big adjustment for everyone, but we have settled into a comfortable routine. It is evident that there are parts of my daily life that only other mothers of large families will truly understand.

Encouraging Gratitude in Children

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s nice to reflect on and appreciate our blessings. We enjoy that yearly pause to remember what we are grateful for, but what about every other day of the year? How do we teach our kids to be grateful all year long?

The Misunderstood Child: Sensory Processing 101

A typical morning in my home begins with the words “My clothes hurt me. They are too loose. I need new clothes.” The process of getting dressed, which seems simple to most, is the biggest challenge my child faces on a daily basis.

Living Large: Big Family Perspectives You Can Benefit From

Raising six children has dramatically altered my perspectives on parenting, housework, finances, and relationships for the better. While I discovered a lot of these practices after adding triplets to my already full family, everyone should consider these big family perspectives, no matter what size your family is.

Spooky Fairy Tales: Then and Now

Historically fairy tales were told to entertain, educate, preserve culture, and instill moral values. They warned children about the dangers of evil and jealousy in ways that would be considered harsh by most of us in today’s society. Never the less, they are interesting to look back on and study for clues about how people used to live and learn.

How to Get Your Family to Eat Like the French

I currently have three toddlers in my house. Each has their own finicky food hangups. I recently found out that French children are more likely to eat a variety of foods and maintain a healthier weight than their American counterparts. This led me to wonder, what makes French kids so different? It turns out that there are a few things.

7 Things to Remember When Your Child Throws a Tantrum

Unfortunately, the occasional tantrum can’t really be avoided. They happen to everyone, but next time your child is in the throes of a fit, try to remember these 7 things.

When Kids Reject Sports

Team sports are a great way to keep kids active, but not all kids enjoy playing them. So how can you get your kids moving around when they aren’t part of a sports team?

Are Music Lessons Worth It?

The average cost of private music lessons ranges from $15-$50 per half hour; it will vary depending on location and the expertise of teacher. Depending on the rate, private lessons cost parents $1,000 to $2,000 a year. This may make you wonder, are music lessons really worth it? Here are some short and long term benefits of music lessons to help you decide.

6 Great Reasons To Cook With Your Kids

Cooking with kids takes a little extra time and patience, but has many benefits. As more families rely on fast food for mealtime and childhood obesity rises, parents can make a lasting difference in their children’s overall health by cooking meals at home and getting the kids involved. Here are some of the great reasons to bring your kids into the kitchen while preparing food for your family.

Encouraging Kids to Enjoy Nature

Only about 10 percent of kids say they are spending time outdoors. Here are some outdoor activities for kids to change that.

Taming Mount Laundry

Is your laundry pile mounting? Here are some great tips on how to lighten the load of what seems to be the never ending laundry situation families face!

Toy Rotation: Reduce Toy Clutter in Six Easy Steps

Toy clutter, it's a problem all parents face. From the toddler years when blocks, push toys, and board books seem to be scattered down the hallway to the school age years where kids collect tiny Legos, matchbox cars, and Barbie dolls, clutter remains an ongoing issue.
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