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Winita is a staff writer at Scooterbay Publishing Inc. She has a bachelor's degree in English Literature and worked as a library assistant and elementary school tutor throughout college. When she's not writing, she enjoys outdoor exercise, reading at the library, and spending time with family and friends.

Articles by Winita

THIS is the Real Karate Kid

If she wasn’t dressed in her karategi, you wouldn’t be able to tell but Mahiro Takano is the real Karate Kid. Standing at about four feet tall, the 9-year-old is a formidable presence on the floor.

This Video of a 9-Year-Old Boxing Prodigy is Going Viral

Evnika Saadvakass, nicknamed "The Fastest Girl,” boxes with the speed and power of an Olympian, but she’s only 9 years old.

A Toddler Solves the Trolley Problem

If you didn’t major in philosophy, you might not be familiar, but the trolley problem is one of the most provocative thought experiments in philosophy. It leaves everyone stumped... except for this toddler.

Take Pretend Play to the Next Level!

As Shakespeare once wrote, all the world’s a stage. Who knows this better than children? They’re eager storytellers and natural performers.

2-Year Old Performs Dramatic Rendition of Alphabet Song

Do you remember when you learned your ABC's? I don't, but I know it took me awhile to nail down those 26 letters—especially that tricky L-M-N-O-P bit. If you can relate, then prepare to be impressed by the dramatic performance of 2 year old, Violet Ogea.

Learning Illuminated

The benefits of playing with building blocks are well known: they help kids develop lateral thinking, they can improve literacy if kids work with instructions, develop organization skills, and can boost motor skills and cooperation.

Creative Kid Spotlight: Trisha Rao, Author of “Believe In Yourself”

When 8 year-old Trisha Rao learned of the devastation many children in Turkey and surrounding regions were facing, she was struck with inspiration and a drive to share that inspiration with others. When 8 year-old Trisha Rao learned of the devastation many children in Turkey and surrounding regions were facing, she was struck with inspiration and a drive to share that inspiration with others. ##ad## The result: a colorful 40-page journey through the animal kingdom. It’s bursting with color and insight, as seen through the eyes of a puppy named Sunshine, who’s guided by Papa Dog.

Tired of the same old PTA Fundraisers? Give these a try!

Every school year, Parent Teacher Associations and Organizations (PTA/Os) help keep academic and extracurricular activities alive in schools. It’s often a thankless job.

How to Raise a Philanthropist

A lesson learned early on for most is that playtime went more smoothly when everyone shared. As we get older, though, life gets more complicated and we often become more selfish. So, in an age marked by debt and financial insecurity for many adults, how do we take lessons about generosity beyond the playground and into the real world?

Raising a Leader

When we think of leaders, we imagine the CEO of a startup gliding across a stage as she unveils the latest tech revolution, or the President of the United States standing tall as he dictates a State of the Union Address. From a distance, a leaders’ path to success looks epic and unlikely. But all leaders begin somewhere—whether it’s fiddling with circuit boards in the garage or fundraising for the debate team.

Little Girl Gives Her Pet Chicken A Makeover

In the video, the five year old girl is combing the lucky chicken's feathers because it had already gotten a shower (from the rain, that is). Too bad chickens don't have lips because lipstick would have really pulled the look off.

The Latest Sleep Guidelines for Kids

With the start of a new school year comes the retooling of your child’s summer sleep routine. But just how much sleep are kids supposed to get? If you’ve found yourself asking this question, we’ve got the latest sleep guidelines for babies, kids, and teens— courtesy of CBS News by way of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

8 Items For Every Kid's School Wish List

Whether you're on the hunt for back to school supplies or want to give your child an extracurricular boost, here are some awesome tools to keep your kids excited about learning all year long!

Teaching Accountability and How to Get Your Kids to Listen

Brushing your teeth and cleaning up your room is no one’s idea of fun. Nor is it fun to beg and plead with your kids to do said chores

25 Finding Dory Crafts and Activities

If Dory’s been swimming around your kids’ heads lately, give these Finding Dory crafts a try!

Doodle Into Adventure

If your child is struggling with reading, an interactive book for preteens like The Doodle Adventures is a great alternative to traditional chapter books.

Creative Child Awards July 2016 Spotlight

In June’s issue, we gave you a sneak peak at some of our winners; now check out a few more of the top honors from this year’s event below!

Spark Creativity with a Color Activity

If you’re short on art supplies, you don’t have to be short on imagination. Brighten up your day with these creative color activities!

Explore the Benefits of Playing with Blocks

While there will always be room for those little bright colored bricks, we love all of these new options that offer the benefits of playing with blocks with their own modern twists.

Sun Safety for Kids and Summertime Play

If you’re worried about the dangers of UV ray exposure, fear not! We’ve got you covered with these 5 tips and our top picks for outdoor gear to ensure sun safety for kids this summer.
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