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10 Must-Haves for an Epic Halloween Party

by Deborah Song

Planning an epic Halloween party can be both frightfully fun and nerve wrecking at the same time. The one holiday out of the year that allows - no encourages - grownups to act like kids, kids to act like superheroes, and everyone to be something they’re not, demands dramatic flare, your best use of imagination and a call to pull out your best stops for your guests. Halloween parties are some of the best soirees all year. Here are 10 must-have foolproof ways to throw a freakishly good time.

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1. Host a costume contest. When a party calls on your wildest imaginations, best fantasies and most creative instincts to create a costume, dressing up isn’t half the fun, it’s practically all the fun! So coming in at our number one Halloween party must-have is a costume contest, preferably one where the whole family can participate. There are many ways to stage the contest. You can turn the contest into a mini-fashion show or have your guests participate in a small parade where their best looks can be showcased. Some of my favorite categories have been best-dressed family, kookiest super hero, most original, most royal (for all of our pint-sized princesses), funniest, and best hand-crafted costumes. Don’t forget, you’ll need a panel of judges to at least create the apparition of fairness.

2. Provide a photo booth. Your guests will be sure to want to capture their best looks with some good photos, especially when all that looms the following morning is the hazy fog and dizzying spell from an epic Halloween soiree. They’ll appreciate looking back and remembering how spooky, funny or out-of-the-box they looked.

3. Embellish with spooky décor. Creating the right ambiance is essential for hosting an epic Halloween party. Dry ice, spider webs and other décor unique to Halloween can add sophistication and dramatic flare.

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4. Make it glow. Since a dark backdrop is a main ingredient to the cauldron of Halloween décor, having candle-lit jack-o-lanterns, hanging lights and other illuminating objects are a must, both from a décor and safety standpoint.

5. Play eerie music. Chilling laughs and an ominous melody will further enhance the Halloween mood. There are plenty of compilations of creepy countdowns right at your pointy fingertips.

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