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10 Ways Kids Can Make Money This Summer

by Deborah Song

School’s out but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Taking a break from the classroom is a good opportunity to inch your child closer to the real world by hosting a sale. Your child can discover his inner entrepreneur and learn some essential money management skills in the process. Plus it could be a ton of fun for kids! Remember, kids love doing adult work.


So what can kids sell this summer (besides lemonade)? I would argue that half the appeal of the lemonade stand is the stand itself.  When passersby purchase a cup of lemonade that’s usually too sour and watered down, it’s because they feel supportive and nostalgic for what’s come to represent a child’s first attempt to learn the rudimentary ropes of entrepreneurship. So why not think outside the box and try selling some other useful summer items or service? Here are 10 suggestions to start.

1. Ice-cold water. During a hot summer day, pedestrians and drivers alike may appreciate and even prefer ice-cold water to lemonade. Operationally, this would be much simpler to execute. If you wanted get fancy, you could even sell water that’s been infused with cucumber or some fruit.

2. Snow Cones. The appeal of snow cones to customers in the summer is obvious. But snow cones are also a great item to purvey because there’s not a lot of ingredients that go into making them. All you need is a sturdy ice machine and a couple of flavors.

3. Popcorn. Another easy item to sell, popcorns can be adorned with toppings like chocolate, caramel and sprinkles.

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