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11-Year-Old Tryzdin Grubbs’ Rendition of Adele’s “Hello” Will Give You Goosebumps!

Okay, I know you’re probably sick of hearing “Hello” by this point. After my millionth listen, so was I. Until I saw this video of 11-year-old Tryzdin Grubbs’ performance of Adele’s hit single, that is.

Watch in the video as the people around him whoop and cheer him on, some with their mouths agape, as if to say “Is this voice really coming out of this little kid in a Steelers Jersey?” Indeed, it is.

Tryzdin has also performed Sam Smith covers and his dream is to perform on the Ellen Show. Keep your eyes out for Tryzdin Grubbs. I can see this kid going very far with that beautiful, booming voice of his. 

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