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18 Tree Houses That Are Nothing Short of Amazing!

These tree houses are nothing short of amazing. Kids and adults will love them! If you are planning on building one for your kids, use this list of amazing tree houses for inspiration! We hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

Forest Tree House - Do you have a forest of giant trees? Find a nice big sturdy one to build one of these in.

Pirate Ship Tree House - Shiver me timbers, this is an awesome pirate tree house, that your kids will love playing pirate in. They'd also enjoy reading books and imagining of far off lands.

Beautiful Tree House - We love how the branches stretch out of this tree house. When building your own, be sure to find a tree with character if you want a design like this with branches that stretch out.

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Light Up Tree House - Try stringing up lights to awesome tree houses to add a bit of ambiance. It will be gorgeous to look at all year long.

Wooden Tree House - This looks like something that comes to mind when you think of long fun days in a tree house hidden in the woods.

Spherical Tree House - What a unique and modern tree house!

Colorful Modern Tree House - We love the colored windows in this tree house. How about putting up stained glass windows in yours?

Rustic Tree House - This looks like a tree house fit for Briar Bear! Your kids would have tons of fun in this!

Cute Colorful Tree House - Want a tree house that pops? This one looks like it's straight out of Alice and Wonderland or Toon Town.

Fantastical Fairy Tree House - We love this!! Make your kid their own fairy land with some of these tree house ideas.

Gorgeous Tree House - This is a simpler tree house style, but just as gorgeous as the other ones. This could even be a great family recreation area.

Old Looking Tree House - Do you enjoy things with character? If so, this would be the perfect tree house for you!

Fantasy Tree House - Gorgeous! This tree house will make your children feel like they are in their dreams with the odd shaped windows and doorways!

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Great Tree House - Rope ladders and bridges add a lot to tree houses.

Tree Gazebo - Imagine sitting in this tree gazebo with your loved ones. It would be perfect for the kids and adults.

Sweet Gazebo Tree House - How beautiful! The tree gazebos are quite in these days!

Green Tree House Mansion - Let your kids pick out the colors and help them put a fresh coat of paint onto their tree house.

Tree Castle - Why not combine a castle and a tree house? This is what you would get from it.

You and your kids are bound to have hours of fun in one of these amazing tree houses of your own. Build one with them this summer. It won't only be a tree house that you are building. You'll be building memories that will last forever!

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