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19 Mason Jar Crafts

by Devin Berglund

Do you have any mason jars? If so, make sure to check out our mason jar crafts. It’s amazing you can make so many different things with a single item. If you don’t have any mason jars laying around, go out to buy some. This list of mason jar crafts will be worth it.

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1. Patriotic Mason Jar Candles - What a beautiful patriotic craft! These would look lovely on your patio or porch at night.

2. Fairy Lights - Help your kids catch fairies! All you need is some glow in the dark paint and a few mason jars. Glitter is a plus!

3. Mason Jar Oil Lamp - Teach your children about what lights were like before the light-bulb was invented. You can also make it smell good, by adding spices and herbs to the oil!

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4. Button Lids - Cute as a button totally describes these jar lids! They'd make a great gift and/or decoration for a nursery.

5. DIY Disney Night Light - Pick out your favorite quote and make one of these for your kid's bedroom... and maybe even one for your own!

6. Creative Printable Decals - This is a unique way of labeling items in your pantry. Get your kids to help you stick them on and then make cookies together! What a fun family activity!

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7. Superhero Banks - Is your young superhero saving his or her money? Teach them to save their money at a young age as good habits start young.

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8. Mason Jar Prism Night Light - Wouldn't this make a beautiful night light for your kid's bathroom? Let them help you pick out the colors and glue the glass pebbles on. It'll mean so much to them knowing that you both created something together!

9. Mason Jar Jack-O-Lanterns - These will add a bit of color and character to your Halloween decorations this year! Your children will love decorating the pumpkin jar's faces. Help them make each one unique.

10. Mason Solar Lights - Your kids will enjoy seeing how solar lights work. Set them out on your porch this summer!

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