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25 Inside Out Movie Crafts

by Devin Berglund

Inside Out is a great movie getting us all thinking about our emotions. It will get kids and adults thinking about the way they feel. We hope you and your kids enjoy these Inside Out movie crafts!

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Inside Out Party Ideas - These are some great ideas on hosting your very own Inside Out party!

Inside Out Paper Plate Masks - What a cute project for your kids to do with markers, construction paper, and paper plates! These emotions are adorable!!

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Printable Inside Out Chore List - This chore chart will motivate your kids to do their best with chores. For each finished chore they'll get an Inside Out buck. You figure out how many chores equals a ticket and what the tickets are worth.

Gum Ball Memory Necklace - Your kids will love this edible memory necklace. Ask your kids to think about important memories in their lives. Then have them pick out the gum ball that represents those memories. You'll enjoy listening to their stories.

Emotions Discovery Bottles - Sensory bottles are great ways to help relax children. Help your kids make these and then discuss emotions with them.

Emotions Felt Character Activity - This is a great way to show kids how adding certain emotions with other emotions will give you knew feelings. Plus, aren't these felt emotions cute?

Devin Berglund is an enthusiast for all things writing. On her free time she enjoys FaceTiming with her fiancé (who currently lives in Australia), traveling, and writing novels.

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