Creative Child

30 Days of Play in April

by Rebecca Eanes

Week 3: April 17th - 23rd

17. Play Ring Around the Rosie.

18. Play hide and seek inside on a rainy day.

19. Try Stargazing!

  • On a clear night, gaze at the moon and stars.
  • Try to point out some constellations.
  • Telescope optional!

20. Make Outdoor Art

  • You will need poster board and some paints
  • Head outdoors
  • Make messy art!

Outdoor Art

21. Try Cloud Watching!

  • Lie on the ground and look at the clouds.
  • Name the shapes you see.

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22. Play hopscotch.

23. Stack plastic cups and try to knock them down with ping pong balls.

Only one more week of play in April! How will you play? Comment below!

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