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31 Days of Play in December

by Rebecca Eanes

Here we are, already in December! Are you ready for winter?

Here are 31 new play ideas to make this a special, playful, heart-happy December.

Week 1: December 1st-5th:

1. When the temperature falls below freezing, blow bubbles and watch them freeze.

2. Make Your Own Ice Marbles Game:

  • Fill water balloons and add a few drops of food coloring.
  • Tie off and throw in the freezer.
  • Once solid, peel off the balloon and put the colored ice balls in your child’s bath or take them outside in the snow for colored ice marbles!

3. Work on a scrapbook together.

4. Play musical chairs.

5. Count down to Christmas with a homemade activity calendar. There are lots of activity ideas at this post by Adriel Booker.

Check out next week's activities on page 2...

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