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5 Ways Kids Can Help Save Our Planet by Becoming Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

by Deborah Song

Small hands can leave big imprints, especially when given the right role to helm. Instructing a child to recycle a bottle here or turn off a faucet there is a great way to instill environmental consciousness. But a more effective way to create environmentally conscious leaders of tomorrow, is by letting her take charge today. Since a good leader is usually self-motivated, you may need to educate your child on the effects that saving water, conserving energy or recycling can have on our planet. Once you have, assign her an entire role, with a legitimate-sounding title to boot, and let your little CEO (child environmental officer) lead your family into more socially conscious grounds. Here are five shoes your child can fill.

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Light Monitor. As a light monitor, your child would be in charge of making sure all lights are turned off when not being used. A light monitor can also bring the family together into a single room so lights don’t have to be turned on all throughout the house. In true leadership form, you can also encourage your child to delegate and come up with a reward system to galvanize other members of the family to conserve electricity.

Water reductionist. I love extended showers, admittedly, as do my kids. My kids love to play in the shower and I find water therapeutic. But taking shorter showers is a great example of how to conserve water. Remind your child that water is scarce and many people in the world have to walk miles before having access to clean water. Instead of being the dripping reminder, let your child be the voice of reason for a week or month and let your child come up with other creative ways for your family to conserve water. Perhaps your child can time everyone’s showers. Or put a ban on running the dishwasher when the load isn’t full.

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Recyclist. Discuss with your child which waste items can be recycled, especially after a meal or activity. Then make her responsible for collecting appropriate items and placing them in the recycling bin. Or perhaps some items can be reused to make a fun craft. But don’t stop there. Recycling can also come in the form of borrowing. Instead of buying books, for example, your child can go to the library, which will save money – and trees.


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