Creative Child

50 Affirmations Just for Kids

by Rebecca Eanes


 You may have seen this story in USA today that shows how one father is teaching his daughter to repeat positive, loving affirmations in a mirror. This girl is just a toddler, and yet you can already see the positive impact it is having on her. Here are 50 affirmations for kids. Pick a few off the list and repeat them with your child daily. Repeat each one three times. Once you feel those have taken root, pick a few new ones to speak aloud.

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1. I am loved.

2. I believe in me.

3. I am generous.

4. I accept and love myself.

5. I am unique.

6. I am wonderfully made.

7. I am creative.

8. Challenges are opportunities to grow.

9. Good things happen to me.

10. I am loving.

11. I am kind.

12. I am strong.

13. I am joyful.

14. I care about others.

15. I am important.

16. I like myself.

17. It’s going to be a great day.

18. I learn from my mistakes.

19. I make friends easily.

20. I am worthy.

21. I am open to new experiences.

22. I am beautiful.

23. I am energetic.

24. I am deserving of good things.

25. I am grateful.

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26. I am confident.

27. I love who I am.

28. I am compassionate.

29. I am responsible.

30. I’m a leader.

31. I believe in my dreams.

32. I am brave.

33. I choose a positive attitude.

34. I am enough.

35. I’m great just the way I am.

36. I’m a hard worker.

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