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Art Activities for Kids: Blooming Flowers Stamps

by Deborah Song

Help your child’s inner artist blossom by creating this blooming flowers stamp artwork. Using repurposed materials, this art activity for kids is also eco-friendly!

You’ll need:

  • Empty plastic water or soda bottle
  • Paper roll
  • Paint brush
  • Brown paint
  • Floral-colored paints
  • Paper or plastic plates

Art Activities for Kids

Step 1: Collect your materials needed. Try using a variety of bottle sizes and brands, the bottom of each bottle will create unique flower petal shapes!

Step 2: Choose any paper length of your liking. Paint brown branches (or any colored branches, really) on a strip of roll paper. 

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Step 3: Allow the branches to dry before you stamp on the flowers! While you wait, choose an array of colors to create the flower petals. You can take a nature walk and look at the wild flowers in your neighborhood for inspiration, check out some gardening books from the local library, or research types of flowers on your tablet.

Kids Activities Stamping Flowers

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