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Back to School Lunch 101

by Katy Stewart

No parent wants to spend a fortune on meals every week. So, many families choose to make lunches at home and have their children bag it versus buying school lunch. But how do you add some variety and keep within the monthly budget, without boring your kids with the same food over and over? And, if you have several lunches to make daily, this can become a cumbersome, time-consuming chore. Try these simple tips to make back to school lunches more fun!

1. Use cookie cutters to add fun to your kid’s lunch!

Toppings, sandwiches and cucumber slices can all be cut into the sizes and shapes you choose. Add some flare to your kids meal with these adorable, shaped lunch items!

2. Forget store bought lunch packs. Make your own!

Save money and add variety by making your own version of the popular lunch! Whole wheat crackers, turkey, ham, and your child’s favorite cheese all make for great options! And you can control the portions and choose organic or gluten-free ingredients.

3. Use silicone baking cups to portion food!

Silicone cupcake liners are the perfect size to portion out food in lunch containers! Bonus: they are washable, unbreakable and reusable!

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4. Leave your child a message!

Peels of many fruits go uneaten so take advantage of the space to send your kid a cute note to remind them they’re great! Bananas and oranges are good choices.

5. Create a scene or choose a theme for the week!

Use colors and shapes to really make your kid feel special. Make a butterfly in a garden or a rocket ship sandwich with stars for the space lover. Grab some healthy food, cookie cutters and let your imagination go!

Back to School Lunch Ideas Bento Box

6. Greek Yogurt can be Anything. Really!

Avoid keeping tons of sauces on hand and change it up by adding spices, zests or even fruit to simple greek yogurt for quick, healthy dips! One of our favorites is using Greek Yogurt to make homemade Ranch Veggie Dip!

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Katy Stewart is a designer that specializes in print, packaging, branding and editorial design with a sprinkle of web, photography and ideation. An expert on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign since the days of the blue iMac, she is a creative thinker who is always looking for a new challenge to tackle. She bakes delicious cupcakes, can't whistle in tune to save her life, and, like many a designer, has a love for iced vanilla lattes. 

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