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Kids Kitchen: Candy Corn Fruit Parfaits

A delicious kid's kitchen Halloween treat that's light and easy to make. If you need an idea for a healthier Halloween dessert at your next party look no further!

It doesn't actually taste like candy corn, however, but your kids will love this candy corn inspired fruit parfait!

The directions are super simple. Layer orange and yellow fruit and top them with whipped cream. You can use mandarin oranges and pineapple, mangos, melon, naval orange slices or any other yellow and orange fruits your heart desires!

Use clear disposable plastic cups if you are having a party, or put these in glass cups (for older kids!) and adults to enjoy.

There are several ideas when it comes to making homemade whipped cream. In the original recipe article, the author suggests to use Greek yogurt. Here are 2 other great whipped cream recipes to cut the fat down.

1. Whipped Topping from Food Network

2. Homemade Cool Whip from Something Swanky

Or just add traditional Cool Whip, it is easy and tastes delicious!

Check out the original Recipe at

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