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Creative Kid Spotlight: Aiden of Whiz Kid Science

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In his balloon blowup video, he used way too much vinegar and baking soda but kept the video, anyway. “Science experiments are rarely perfect and it would be silly for me to make kids think they were,” Aiden said. 

This Whiz Kid wants kids to know something else about him: he doesn’t just sit in his room thinking about science all day. Aiden also plays hockey in the winter and lacrosse in the summer. His other hobbies include jumping on his family’s trampoline and playing Geometry Dash on his iPad. While he lives in a small town, “where everyone knows everyone,” his YouTube channel has allowed him to connect with kids all over. 

He hopes that, in addition to inspiring kids all over to experiment with science, he’ll be able to save enough money from his videos to pay for college when the time comes. The only thing left to figure out is what to study.

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