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Educators will love these books

“We were in a great position June 2020 to introduce Gerome’s Rainbow by author Stephanie L. Logsdon. Children are smart regardless how young. This story is a perfect aid to help parents explain what all the tension was about,” says Mary Ellen Stottmann, CEO & Chief Crayon at Baxter’s Corner a Louisville Kentucky based company. “Baxter’s Corner has created a line of children’s books for children 3 months to 8. Our goal is to give parents and educators a tool to aid in developing emotionally and spiritually healthy children through engaging stories and thought-provoking activities that build relationships and explore values.”

Many of the company’s books are timely, given the current events in 2020, and can be especially helpful for caregivers who are teaching children about how respect and public health go together. Ellema Sneezes features an elephant whose sneezes are disruptive, while Why Stop for Tajo? teaches respect for rules.

The company’s latest book, Who’s Who with Mr. McBoom, also by Stephanie, is about family values, which is especially fitting given how many different types are in the news. As a Shelby County teacher and mother of two young sons, Stephanie sees tremendous value in books that help children process their experiences and what they are seeing in the world at large. Not only has she used the books with her children and students, but she is also Baxter’s Corner Chief Marker, (critic, advisor). “Stephanie created read aloud videos of our books for us during Covid which are on Facebook that parents and caregivers may use. She helps develop the GoBeyond sections in each book and most currently assisting at creating a program for preschool teachers,” says Stottmann.

At the end of each story is a GoBeyond section that includes open-ended questions that parents, caregivers, and teachers can use to help children think critically and connect the stories to themselves and others. “The back of the book is all about getting the children to talk with a caregiver, to discuss difficult situations. One of our books is about an absent parent, regardless the reason children feel different and need help talking through these situations which research supports. We are committed to children and the values that our books advocate.” Mary Ellen says.
Families and teachers who want to immerse their children and students in Baxter’s Corner’s characters can add their puppets and wall art to the picture books to bring the stories to life.

Mary Ellen Stottmann

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