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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

The Gooney Bird Greene Game

In the book Gooney Bird Greene, briefly reviewed in the article Back to School Books, the second-graders were learning about telling stories. Their teacher thought that they might want to tell stories about Christopher Columbus, but the students insisted on stories about their intriguing new classmate  the bright and strong-willed girl Gooney Bird Greene. In the end of the book, having ran out of her own stories, Gooney Bird announced, "Everyone has a story to tell!" Then she proved it to be true by asking her classmates the right questions.

How did your parents choose your name? Have you ever spent all of your pocket money on something exciting? Did you happen to move from one place to another? This kids activity will help grow your child's imagination.


Children love listening to stories about themselves and their parents. It is also an excellent exercise for children of all ages to tell stories. It develops their linguistic skills and logical thinking. The "true stories" described in the book help children to deepen their understanding of history, time, and, of course, themselves and their family. Prompt them to tell stories by making it into a game!

Kids Activities writing story telling imagination

Print this list of questions, then bring them out on a long car ride, while waiting in line, or during some quiet time in the evening. Ask your children to choose one card and answer the question with as many detailed descriptions as they possibly can. Suppose they do not know the answer to the question? Then you can tell them a story!

Kids Activities writing story telling imagination

The stories you come up with together might turn out to be so interesting that you decide to write them down and show to children when they are older or to give away as holiday gifts to relatives!

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