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Families of the World

Do your kids love travel? Do they prefer the predictability of home? Do they crave discovery or tend toward introspection?  

Families of the World video series draws in all kinds of kids…and adults, too…as it opens doors into the lives of 60 families in 30 countries. The shows give kids the opportunity to compare and contrast  foods, homes, games, schools, and communities with their own.

Each film focuses on a different country, following two families from breakfast to bedtime. And in the new shows, children also see what people all over the world are doing to protect the earth.

In the 1990s producer Georgi Marquisee and her husband Mark pursued their life-long interest in education and culture by developing the series, produced by their company, Arden Media.

More than a hundred awards later, after a run on PBS,
the series took a break when Mark developed Alzheimer’s.
These days Mark is doing well, and Georgi has gathered a creative and caring support team to help produce new shows.

In a world where learning about other ways of doing and thinking is increasingly important, these programs present information, ideas and customs in a context that makes them understandable and relatable.

Georgi says, “Kids rarely see the world beyond their own city. Even
travel doesn’t take them behind closed doors. That’s
what Families of the World does. It’s ‘almost like being there’!”

Stream current and new programs on Vimeo and through
Download free online teachers guides for each country.

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