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Frozen Party Craft - How to Make a Pin the Nose on Olaf Game

by Jennifer McLaughlin

Entertain your party goers with this homemade Frozen party craft. It’s a great decoration and a fun game the kids will love to play again and again. With just a few up-cycled supplies, you can get creative, or just go buy the pre-made cardboard cut out from your local party store! 

You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Cutout of Olaf
  • Precut Letters (or use the Cricut to make your own!)
  • Colorful paper in 12X12 squares
  • Cardboard or Poster-board 
  • Glue or Tape
  • Sticky Tack or Velcro 


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Step 1: Cut out the Large sized Olaf. We bought one from Party City, but you could make one if you are artistic. You can also use an Olaf frozen party craft tablecloth or any other paper decoration with a large enough image.


Frozen party craft Olaf Cutout 


Step 2: On a piece of cardboard or poster board, glue down the Olaf Cutout in the center. If you plan to use velcro, attach the correct side of the sticky velcro to his nose.

Step 3: Spell out "Pin the Nose on Olaf". You can either cut out letters using the Cricut or use pre-cut letters from the party store. We used the Cricut as we had it handy and wanted to use up our 12x12 scrapbook paper we already have in the supply closet!

Frozen party craft

Step 4: Cut out orange triangles or "Carrots" for Olaf's nose. Attach sticky tack or velcro to the backs of the carrots. We used scraps from our Halloween crafts for this, so no need to buy special paper! Did we mention this Frozen party craft can be made without spending a lot of money!?

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Step 5: Cut out the letters you need for the game title and any other decorations you might want to add. We did some cute snowflakes and hung them with balloons too.

Frozen party craft

Step 6: Attach the letters around Olaf and securely attach your Frozen Party craft "Pin the Nose on Olaf" game to the wall. 

Check out the video tutorial here!

Since Olaf is everyone's favorite snowman, the kids will love trying to pin his nose back on. For the little kids, be sure to place the game board low enough for them to reach! Get out your supplies, collect those up-cycled materials and create this affordable Frozen party craft.

Jennifer is a former special education teacher and mentor. She obtained her bachelor's degree at Kent State University in Ohio. She enjoys dancing, reading and spending time training her dog, BrunoMars. 

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