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Parenting: Getting Your Kids to Play Outdoors

Roger Peter

Need parenting tips for getting your kids to play outside more? Check out these ideas and get outside!

Forming a Social Network Of Kids

It might sound really amusing to consider building a social network of kids but that's a great solution to the problem at hand. What do I mean by a social network? Well its simple, in any neighborhood you will certainly find at least a bunch of kids who are around the same age group as your kid. Basically you will need to get them all together for one, it possible to work it up with the parents of the other kids ( I am sure they are also facing the same problem as you) and get them to bring their kids over to the park every evening. Once the kids get together they usually start playing some game or the other, have you noticed? It might be as simple as hide and seek but at least now they are playing outside. You could even get to organize some small baseball games or athletics of some form during weekends. The kids would look forward to it and would work at practicing to win at the events.

Devoting Time For Outdoor Sports

In today's day and age it is not difficult to find working parents who hardly find the time for their kids. This is not a healthy scenario at all, not only would the kid feel deprived of the care which would be due but also the attention of an elder. The growing stage is really crucial and it is important for a parents to spend at least the evenings with their kids. In the good old days dads used to play catch with their wards, you see that happening nowadays. Its important to inculcate this habit into our routines. You can take the kids for a evening walk to a children's playground or play with the kid for sometime. Kids don't usually venture out on their own since they are under the supervision of a nanny or a babysitter and hence develop the habit of becoming a couch potato. In fact as per the recent studies there is a huge surge in the obesity cases in children of the age group of 8 - 15 mostly due to their sedentary habits.

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Get Them Enrolled In Sports Camps

This is the best solution one can come up with in case the parents find it difficult to devote much time everyday to their kids during the evenings. There are lot of sports camps around which have excellent programs for kids. There are soccer camps, baseball camps, tennis camps you name them, the coaches are very professional and inculcate a sense of discipline with respect of regular exercise and workouts. The kids might complain about their schedule for some time but they will get used to it and even start enjoying it. Physical activity
performed in these camps targets at building stamina and agility which is crucial during the growing years to ensure that they don't develop any weak muscles or bones due to lack of exercise.

Parenting Outdoor Play
Don't Forget Balance

Gaming through play stations and other media is greater way of enhancing the brain especially during the developing stages. You should encourage you kids to indulge in it, but make sure it is not at the cost of outdoor activities. A balance would always need to be maintained.


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