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“Grumpy Sister” Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

If you were on the fence about giving your child a baby brother or sister, this video will make your mind up, for sure! Last week, Esther Anderson, the momma behind the Story of This Life video blog, posted this sweet video on her page. In the video, titled “Grumpy Sister,” her daughter, Ellia emerges from the hallway with that grouchy face that all parents of toddlers recognize. 

Ellia walks over to her mom and newborn sister, Tessa, and her grumpy tears quickly go away. Cuddling with a baby is guaranteed to make you feel good; if you don’t have a newborn on hand, then watching Ellia being cheered up by her new baby sister is almost just as good.

“I love her, so much,” she says. To which, we all collectively say, “awwwwe.” The bond between siblings is so darn special! Watch the video below!

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