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Halloween Peg Dolls: Witch and Ghost

Peg dolls are wonderful toys! As simple as a bare peg looks, with a bit of painting or sewing, they can turn into charming companions for children. In our house, the peg dolls are inhabitants of castles, fairy houses, and wooden boats. They make a nice addition to sensory bins and storytelling baskets. So for Halloween we decided to add a peg doll witch and a peg doll ghost to our play.


- two unfinished peg dolls

- acrylic paints (black and white required; orange optional)

- fine tip black marker

- black felt

- orange yarn

- a bamboo skewer/dowel/stick

- Fabri-Tac glue


1. Take two unfinished peg dolls.

2. Paint one of them white. That will be the ghost. The other will be the witch, and her body should be painted black. The face will be left natural wooden colour, and the hair can be painted orange. Orange is very witchy, right? If you do not have orange, you can put yarn for hair later. Do not put your brushes too far away, becausewe will do some more painting after these layers are dry.

3. For now, we will work on the hat. Take black felt and cut out a cone shape like in the picture.


4. Fold it in half and sew the longer sides together. That will make a conical hat. Turn it right-side-out.

5. Cut a circle out of black felt. Put the conical hat in the middle and trace its circumference in the centre, then cut a hole in the circle. You will have a doughnut-shaped piece.

6. Slide the doughnut-shaped piece over the tip of the cone, until it settles along the base of the cone,then glue them together.

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