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Kids Kitchen: Halloween Witch Hat Cookie Treats

Try out our Kid's Kitchen Witch's Hat Halloween Treat. Your kids will love these!


  • Cookies (Use a store-bought cookie with a chocolate bottom)
  • Hershey Kiss candies
  • Candy Corn
  • Decorating Icing


1. First, cut the yellow end off of the candy corn to make the buckle embellishment for the hat. Set these "buckles" to the side to use later.

2. Then, layout the cookies with the chocolate bottom face up. Next, add a circle of icing to the middle of the cookie. Top the icing with a kiss candy.

3. Last, add the "buckles" to the hats!

If you are looking for healthier alternatives, don’t be afraid to experiment! You can use your favorite sugar free store-bought cookies or bake your own using healthier ingredients. If you make these for your child's classroom you can use any other circular chocolate cookie or wafer that comes in a large package.

Let your imagination and taste buds inspire you. 

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