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Instant fun for all ages with many ways to play!

BUILDZI is the fast-stacking, nerve-racking, block-building game. It's instant fun for all ages with many ways to play!

BUILDZI was created by the same guys who brought you the extraordinarily popular games TENZI, SLAPZI, ITZI and PAIRZI. BUILDZI is a fast-building block game that rewards creativity and quick problem-solving skills. That's why it was awarded ASTRA's Best Toys for Kids in the Games 8+ category. 


BUILDZI is fun because it's simple to learn, easy to play and all ages love it!. Flip over your Tower Card and be the first to build your block tower. For more of a challenge, try using the yellow/black side of the Tower Card, these towers are a bit trickier to build and don't have colors to help identify the blocks. If you're a fan of the TENZI family of games, then you know there's not just one way to play this block-stacking party game. BUILDZI comes with instructions for seven different ways to play including Together BUILDZI where you use your STEM skills to work as a team and build a tower that includes all 32 of the BUILDZI Blocks. 

BUILDZI is instant fun for two to eight players.

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