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Kids Activities: Chinese New Year Snacks

It wouldn’t be Chinese New Year without an elaborate spread of sweet and salty treats, each of which symbolizes a wish for the coming months — think: prosperity, long life, and, of course, lots of togetherness!

Looking for kid's activities for the Chinese New Year? Whip up one of these fast and fun Chinese New Year recipes, then talk about your wishes for the year as you enjoy the results. Happy snacking! 

Create a “Togetherness Tray.”

Chinese New Year is a time for friends and relatives to come together, feast, and wish each other well. Together with your preschooler, fill a serving tray with eight different bite-sized treats to share with visiting family and friends.

Think: dried fruits like apricots, dates, bananas or prunes; sweet or salty nuts; ginger and other small hard candies; and rice crackers or puffed corn snacks. The Chinese consider eight a lucky number, so this activity can easily double as a mini math lesson!

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