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Kids Activities: Pencil Shavings Art

by Liska Myers

Pencil Shavings Can Make Art

One of the most important realizations that my son brings into my life is how everyday activities that have long ago turned into mundane obligations for me can actually be exciting and full of fun. He thinks that washing dishes is the best way to spend an afternoon, and changing bedding is an opportunity to play hide-and-seek. So I was only slightly surprised when my son found sharpening pencils mesmerizing.

Sharpening pencils is undoubtedly good for practising fine motor skills, and one cannot resist the temptation of having all the pencils sharp. For these two reasons, it is worthwhile teaching kids how to use a sharpener! But there is also something aesthetically pleasing about the colourful shavings, and considering how quickly they add up, we started to wonder if we could make an art project with them.

Conveniently, we had a bunch of pencils that needed sharpening. So we decided to give it a try!

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