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10 Learning Toys That Stimulate Child Development

Joe Kanooga

Children develop the skills they need in various ways. Listening to parents, watching older siblings, observing nature and pretend play all contribute to how to kids learn and grow.

In Joe Kanooga's article, Learning Toys Stimulate Different Types of Child Development, he says, "For kids, play time is more than just fun and games. Play time provides kids with a safe way to experiment and learn about the real world without all the risks associated with the real world. Play time is actually productive time proven to develop talents, character, social skills, language skills, creativity, emotional strength, intellectual capacity and self-discipline." 

This Toy List consists of 10 learning toys that parents can give to their children to promote development. The experts say that games and toys that stimulate make-believe play, language and reading skills and help children achieve milestones in both gross and fine motor skills are crucial for children at all stages of development. 

1. Games and Interactive Learning

Children love to play games, whether it be a traditional board game or puzzle, or a fun game on the iPad. While many parents try to avoid too much screen time, there are several educational apps and games available online. Electronic toys can provide educational interaction and learning activities in a fun way, without the hassle of setting up a board with hundreds of small pieces to play. Here are some great apps to choose from!

2. Plush Toys and Puppets

Have you experienced your child loving a teddy bear or toting around a stuffed dinosaur? Children can become very attached to their stuffed animals, and this creates several teachable moments for parents. Kids learn how to deal with emotions and learn language and relationship skills by talking to their toys.

Puppets are classic fun. Children can also learn to act out feelings and role play and puppets can be used in therapy sessions. These toys also provide children with a low-tech way to recreate favorite stories. 

3. Dolls & Dollhouses and Action Figures

When children play with dolls, many skills are encouraged such as getting dressed, using buttons and zippers, and hair brushing. Action figures allow children to play with their favorite characters, while using their imaginations and creativity.

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