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Little Girl Starts Bawling When She Finds out She’ll be a Big Sister

Sibling rivalry can be the bane of a parent’s existence, and sometimes parents have to go to great lengths just to get their kids to warm up to the idea of no longer being an only an child (read Preparing Children for a New Sibling if you’re seeking help with this transition). That’s why it’s really refreshing to watch this video of a little girl crying tears of joy when she learns she’ll be a big sister.

In the video, the soon-to-be-sister receives a gift from her parents, with a note attached. She reads the note aloud:

“Happy birthday. Lots of love from your baby sister or baby brother. Can’t wait to meet you after Christmas.”

It takes a moment for the news to register, but then her eyes light up and begin to swell. “Are you really having a baby?” she asks her parents. They show her an ultra sound picture and she kisses it. It’s hands-down the sweetest thing you’ll see all weekend.

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