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Make bath time fun with Punkin Butt's safe and gentle bath products.

Let your children enjoy bathing with Punkin Butt Bubble Dough. Colorful, squishy, and bubbly. What child wouldn’t love to play with their soap? Formulated to be safe and gentle for a delightful playtime in the bathtub. Punkin Butt Bubble Dough won’t stain your bathtub, while functioning as a shampoo, non-drying body soap and most importantly a bubble bath. Simply hold it under a good spray or place in a small strainer and allow your child to hold it under running water to create bubbles. Children will be excited about bath time when they can squish and shape their soap while rubbing it all over to get clean. Perfect for children that need a focused sensory experience in order to stay in the bathtub long enough to get scrubbed up! Available in a scented and unscented version. In our scented version, we use a calming blend of essential oils including Lavender, Mandarin, Tangerine, Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile oils to give a fresh scent that makes bath time enjoyable and relaxing! Made with quality ingredients and we guarantee we never use sulfates, parabens or talc. Perfect for setting the mood for bedtime baths. Punkin Butt has been a trusted name in the baby industry since 2006.

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