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Kids Kitchen: Making a Cookie Mix with Kids

When we want to have a dessert, but do not feel like starting a big culinary project, it is handy to get a baking mix out and whip up a chocolate cake. Admittedly, the result is often underwhelming, but the advantage of having a sweet snack so fast is hard to beat. So we decided to make a batch of our own mixes and save them for later. Since my son is fond of playing with funnels and measuring spoons, it quickly turned into a game.

Both my husband and son are more of cookie lovers, while I prefer muffins. But cookie recipes often use a lot of dry ingredients, so they work well for making a mix. We chose to make oatmeal cookies with coconut and chocolate chips for this kids activity. They are soft, chewy and delicious – one of our favorite kids kitchen recipes!

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