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Kids Activities: Porch Gardening Basics

by Devin Berglund

Starting Your Seeds

If you start your seeds on your own, you will save money. It also helps to use the things you already have.

Collect These Items:

  • toilet paper & paper towel rolls
  • egg cartons and shells
  • newspaper

Paper Roll Seed Starters

  1. Set out some newspaper on your porch.
  2. Get the soil.
  3. Cut the toilet paper rolls in half (or the paper towel rolls in fourths).
  4. Set them in a plastic container.
  5. Fill the rolls with soil.
  6. Stick 1-2 seeds in each roll, making sure you follow the planting directions on the seed packets.

Egg Cartons and/or Shells

  1. Fill the egg carton holes with soil. (You can also use old egg shells.)
  2. Plant 1-2 seeds in each spot (or in each egg shell).

Newspaper Containers

  1. Gather up several sheets of newspaper.
  2. Cut a full sheet of newspaper into four square pieces.
  3. Fold each of the cut squares into thirds so it forms a long strip.
  4. Take a small juice cup and roll the folded paper around it. (Roll it until at least an inch overlaps the bottom of the glass.)
  5. Use a small piece of masking tape so it doesn't unroll.
  6. Tip the cup over (So, the bottom of the cup is facing you) and fold the extra newspaper down to the bottom and then tape it.
  7. Turn it over to flatten the bottom against the table.
  8. Remove the juice cup.
  9. Line a container with your handmade newspaper growing containers.

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