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Raising A Confident Child: A Resolution Worth Sticking To

This New Year’s Resolution is brought you by
Four practical and effective strategies to build a child’s confidence:
1. Make time to play
2. Provide them with chores
3. Give them your attention
4. Acknowledge their feelings 
The interactive responsibility game (and chore chart) for kids.
This is not your average chore chart.
Child Development Expert Approved
Child development and parenting expert Caron Irwin of Roo Parenting loves the playfulness of this chore chart to positively motivate children.
Multi-educational Design
Teaches children life skills with over 50 chores to choose from PLUS they learn about goal setting, math, the calendar year and more.
Multi-functional Calendar
This chore chart is a kit that comes complete with reusable stickers designed to improve fine motor skills with sparkly fun!
My Starry Chart is the game that’s changing the parenting game.
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