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15 Science Activities for Preschoolers

by Devin Berglund
If you’re looking for science activities for preschoolers then you’ll want to check out what we have below. Preschool science experiments are a great way to teach your kids, while having fun, throughout the summer.
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Rock Candy - These are tons of fun to make, but remind your kids to be patient. These will take awhile! They'd also make an awesome addition to a tea party.
Glow in the Dark Jello - Jello that glows in the dark and is still safe to eat? What a cool experiment on light.
Stages of the Moon - This makes studying the stages of the moon tons of fun. All you need are some Oreos. Don't forget the milk!!
How Are Mountains Made? - With this easy and creative experiment, your kids will understand more about tectonic plates and how mountains are made.
Edible Water Bottles - How unique and different!? You and your kids will love experimenting with these edible water bottles.
Earth Layers Cake - We love this!! What a great way to teach the layers of the earth!
Jello Sky with Fluffy Clouds - A yummy treat that is bound to help you teach, your kids, about clouds.

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Erupting Volcano - We couldn't forget about the all-too-popular erupting volcano. This one is a must try for every child.

Making Crystals - Teach about crystals, diamonds, and other rare rocks before you help your kids make their own. These also make beautiful gifts and ornaments.

Frozen Bubbles - Did you know that if you blow bubbles when it's freezing out, that your bubbles will freeze? It's a true story. These are fun!

Tea Bag Rocket - Your boys and girls will love this simple rocket science project. All you need are some tea bags! It doesn't feel like rocket science at all!

Bathtime Fun - These bath-time science activities for preschoolers will make your kids beg for bath-time.

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Water Science Experiment - This is cool! Your kids will be amazed by this one.

Make Your Own Geodes - Geodes form in many kinds of rock depending on precipitation and gases. These aren't real ones, but make a few faux geodes with your little ones. They'll love it!!

Make Oobleck Dance - This is just amazing. Do this with your kids and you'll both be amazed.

Clean Penny Experiment - Experiment with your kids to find out which liquids and food items can clean a penny best.

These science activities for preschoolers will keep your young scientists busy this summer. Also, keep them in mind for the next science fair.

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