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Shoot for the Moon!

Encourage your child to reach for the stars with Sophia’s® newest licensed product line designed for 18 inch dolls, but easily used for plush friends as well. Sophia’s has partnered with the Smithsonian™ to create a series of STEM related play sets. Our Shoot for the Moon Career Collection™ currently includes 5 sets. Each set includes accessories and related garments to help foster a child's curiosity. Our exciting career choices include an Astronaut, Biologist, Horticulturist, Paleontologist and Veterinarian. Will your doll discover a new bacterium, dig for dinosaur fossils or plant a vegetable garden?

Sophia’s Astronaut set and winner of Creative Child’s 2019 Toy of the Year Award, includes an astronaut suit with helmet, telescope, camera, moon rock bag and more.  The Biologist Set features a lab coat, petri dishes, pipettes, magnifying glass, butterfly net and butterflies.

The Horticulturist set includes a gardening apron, spade, watering can, flower pot, vegetables and sprayer bottle. The Paleontologist set comes with a floppy hat, satchel, compass, camera and dinosaur dig block with hidden treasure. Veterinarian set includes a stethoscope, clipboard, syringe, x-rays, scrubs and plush bear.

All of Sophia’s products are designed in the USA, made with high quality materials and packaged in a clamshell. Playing with dolls is an important part of child development while teaching social skills, imagination and language. During a time when society is consumed by electronics and screen time, dolls introduce traditional, open-ended play. Sophia’s manufacturing capabilities and styles provide quality and satisfaction for the gift giver and receiver.

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