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Teaching Kids About Voting

by Rebecca Eanes

It’s election season, and that means your children are inevitably hearing a lot about voting. They may not understand just what voting means and could have questions. This is a perfect opportunity to talk with your children about what voting is, what it means, and how it’s done. Of course, my favorite way to teach is through play and reading, so here are some creative and fun games, activities, and books to help you teach your little one all about voting!


Hold a Vote at Home

The simplest way to begin teaching the concept of voting to young children is to jump right in and hold a vote. You can hold a vote about what movie to watch, what restaurant to go to for dinner, or what book to read next. Explain that everyone in the family gets one vote. Create little ballots and help your child mark their choice. At the end, lay out the ballots and count them. Explain to your child how the most votes win, and ask him or her to announce the winner. For older children, you can set up an actual ballot box and, after explaining a bit about each candidate, ask them to cast their own vote for President.

Take Advantage of Online Resources

Type “free election day printables” into your search bar, and whammo! Tons of resources are right at your fingertips! There are coloring pages, voting cards, Bingo cards, mock election ballots, and so much more! Homeschool websites are another great resource. Try and There you’ll find links to crash course videos on YouTube, election unit studies, free printables, and more.


Get Crafty

Make your own future voter badge! I found this fun craft at You’ll need red, white, and blue crepe paper, a black permanent marker, scissors, tape, blank paper, a plastic lid, and star stickers. Cut 6-inch streams of crepe paper of each color and tape them together. Tape the crepe paper to the back of a plastic lid. Cut a circle from the blank paper that fits the lid and tape onto the front of the lid. Write “future voter.” Decorate with star stickers and attach the button to your child’s shirt!

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