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The Last Few Weeks of School

by Michelle Dempsey M.S., CPRW

It’s officially the end of the school year. And if you’re anything like me, you’re ready to never pack another lunch box again – at least not for the next two months.

It’s been a long year. You and your kids have made it through endless carpools, spelling tests, homework arguments and tears.

No one said it’d be easy!

Look, the truth is, both kids and parents alike start the school year off with a sense of excitement. We definitely end the school year with some butterflies as well, although these are the kind that can’t wait to get out of the classroom and into the nearest pool.

But here’s the thing, as a former teacher, there’s one piece of information I can tell you for sure: Just because your kid can’t wait to get out of the classroom doesn’t mean it’s time to check out of the school mindset. The last few weeks of school, believe it or not, is still and important part of the school year!

And parents, here’s a tip from me to you: boycotting lunchbox duty might make for a great story in the carpool circuit, but is also as frowned upon as letting your child give up on their educational responsibilities just weeks shy of the last day of school.

Here’s how to keep your child motivated when summer is just around the corner:

1. Stay Firm

Yes, you’re likely over it. The homework drama, the studying, the tests. It’s no easy feat to keep your child focused and dedicated to their schoolwork. But guess what, folks: if you start to slack and ease up on your child’s homework and/or study routines, they’re going to raise you that inch and take a mile. Stay firm, stick to your guns, and before you know it, you’ll be packing away that backpack in the hallway closet for a while.

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