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THIS is the Real Karate Kid

If she wasn’t dressed in her karategi, you wouldn’t be able to tell but Mahiro Takano is the real Karate Kid. Standing at about four feet tall, the 9-year-old is a formidable presence on the floor.

It’s clear from her concentration and intensity that this karate prodigy really loves the sport. As Mahiro told CBS News, “I’m an ambassador for karate. Hopefully it’ll become an Olympic sport.” Watch in this video as judges and tournament attendees intently watch Mahiro’s moves, captivated by her focus and technique.


If Mahiro looks familiar, it might be because she donned a black and white wig as the star of Sia’s Alive music video. According to Billboard, Mahiro was determined to “move to match the music, and ‘look cool.’” I think it’s safe to say she’s got the moves, and the coolness, to boot.

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