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Time Capsules – A New Year’s Eve Tradition

by Rebecca Eanes

Children grow and change so quickly. Each year, they meet new people, learn new things, and grow by leaps and bounds, physically, emotionally, and mentally. One fun way to preserve the best memories of each year and to document your child’s likes, interests, achievements, height, etc. is to make a time capsule every New Year’s Eve. It’s like a snapshot of the year – freezing these happy memories in time to relish for years to come. All of you will enjoy looking back each year to see how much they’ve grown, and they make wonderful keepsakes for your kids.


A container, such as a large mason jar, a shoe box, or a tin lunch box

Measuring tape

Construction paper, ribbon, markers, and glue to decorate the container

Souvenirs and trinkets from places you’ve visited


Pencil and paper


Step One:

Decorate your time capsule. This could be as simple as a ribbon with a tag that states the year tied around the mason jar lid or an elaborate construction paper/glitter/glue/jeweled decoration of a shoe box.

Step Two:

Trace your child’s handprint and footprint onto the cardstock. Cut them out, date them, and put them in the time capsule.

Step Three:

Measure your child’s height with the measuring tape. Either record the measurement or cut the measuring tape off at your child’s height and roll it up to place in the capsule.

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