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Valentine’s Day Games Your Kids Will Love

by Rebecca Eanes

Valentine’s Day is near! Make this year one your kids will never forget with these fun family games.

1. Conversation Hearts Straw Transfer-


  • Conversation hearts
  • 2 paper plates
  • straw
  • timer

How to Play:

1. Suck on the straw to pick up a heart and transfer it to the other plate.

2. Players have one minute to see how many hearts they can transfer. 

3. Player who transfers the most hearts with the straw wins.


2. Red Mummy-


  • Red crepe paper

How to Play:

1. One player (the mummy) stands still.

2. The other player has one minute to use the crepe paper to wrap that person like a mummy.

This is fun if mom and dad are the mummies and kids race to wrap them up!



3. Cupid’s Arrow-

Materials: Straws, Q-tips, large bowl, blanket.

How to Play: Give each player a straw and a handful of Q-tips. Place the bowl at the end of a large blanket and have players line up at the other end. The goal is to shoot as many Q-tips into the bowl as possible.

(Source: HopefulHomemaker)


4. Bottle Drop-


  • Conversation hearts
  • bottle or vase

How to Play:

1. Each player stands over the bottle and drops the conversation hearts from nose-level into the bottle.

2. The player has one minute to get in as many hearts as possible.

Valentine Bottle Drop

(Source: I Gotta Create)

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