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When Kids Have Allergies (The things people don’t know about having a child with allergies)

by Deborah Song

Almost everyone I know seems to have some form of allergy or another. Fortunately, most allergies are nothing more than a nuisance. Other more serious allergies, however, can be debilitating, keeping some kids from ever playing sports on a field.  And some allergies still can be life threatening, like my friend’s son who has a fatal peanut allergy. 

Collin’s peanut allergy is so severe it has been deemed fatal. And since most schools, though they may be deemed a peanut-free zone, can’t control for all of the nuances involved in keeping a child with a fatal peanut allergy safe, Collin is now home schooled. In living with the paralysis that comes with having a child with peanut allergy, Collin’s mom, Melinda, shares what some parents may not know about raising a child with a life-threatening allergy.

1. Parents of kids with serious allergies may ask a lot of questions. It’s imperative these parents know what is being served at playdates and birthday parties. They may even ask beforehand what is being served, or may decline an invitation based on what is being served. In Collin’s case, for example, it’s not enough that a cake contain no peanuts; neither can any of the other ingredients be made in a peanut factory. Given the seriousness of the situation, this often means that parents of kids with fatal allergies can’t simply take your word for it and may even ask to see the label of foods being served.

2. Kids with severe allergies may often bring their own food. Instead of asking a fusillade of questions, sometimes it’s easier to bring foods that don’t contain a child’s allergens. Don’t be offended if this happens. It’s not a matter of preference in taste, but a matter of life and death.

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