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by Big Kid Science

Max Goes to The Moon tells the story of how Max the dog and a young girl named Tori undertake a quest to make the first trip to the Moon since the Apollo era. Their trip proves so inspiring to people back on Earth that the nations of the world join together to build a great Moon colony, complete with a university and an astronomical observatory. The colony, with its beautiful views of Earth hanging in the lunar sky, helps inspire everyone with a message of unlimited human potential and the importance of respecting our home planet.

The story and art alone would make Max Goes to the Moon a treasure for children, but the education is only beginning. Everything that happens in the story actually has some very interesting behind the scenes science. Big Kid Boxes, which appear along the sides of the pages, offer clear and simple explanations of these key science concepts. Older children and parents will love what they learn from the Big Kid Boxes. Finally, the book concludes with a simple activity that parents and children can try together.

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