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Deborah Song is the founder of, a cruelty-free company committed to creating travel accessories that help travelers journey with ease, efficiency and elegance. She loves to travel the globe in pursuit of good food, wider life perspectives and great adventure stories with her kids. Deborah is a Canadian-born, mompreneur and Los Angeles-based writer, who obtained her master’s in journalism from New York University. You can find her travel stories at

Articles by Deborah

Three Parenting Mistakes Sure to Ruin Your Next Family Vacation

According to child psychologist Dr. Randy Cale, parents make the biggest mistake by trying to make vacations perfect and going to great lengths to make their children happy. Here are three parenting mistakes you don’t want to make on your next family vacation.

DIY Jack and the Beanstalk

Watching a plant grow is magical for kids. But you don’t need magic beans to grow a beanstalk (nor will it cost you a cow), especially when beans are one of the easiest and cheapest vegetables to grow. All they need are sunlight and water. Within 7 to 10 days of planting, your child will see he’s planted "magic" beans as well.

Art Activities for Kids: Blooming Flowers Stamps

Help your child’s inner artist blossom by creating this blooming flowers stamp artwork. Using repurposed materials, this kids activity is also eco-friendly!

Kids Activities: How to Make a ScareGrow

Looking for a unique kids activity? Let’s make a ScareGrow! It functions as a scarecrow but the decoy head also grows its own head full of grass!

Kids Kitchen: St. Patrick's Day Tostadas

The luck of the Irish can belong to both parent and child this St. Patrick’s Day with these Shamrock Tostadas that are both healthy and festive. Try this kid recipe and let your children help make a tasty meal to celebrate!

How Changing My Language Changed My Child's Outlook

Trying to teach my oldest daughter anything has always been a frustrating feat. Several parenting strategies I had tried seemed to fail or didn't fit in with my beliefs. However, when I changed my language, it changed my child's outlook.

Kids Activities: Valentine’s Day Gratitude Tree Craft

Make this Valentine's Day Craft that can be meaningful for children too! A Gratitude Tree shows children how to show love for friends and family!

Parenting: Teaching Success Through Failure

High monkey bars are disappearing from playgrounds everywhere. It’s the telltale metaphor that reveals a zeitgeist sweeping the nation: we’ve become obsessed with trying to engineer failure out of our children’s lives.

Kids Kitchen: Rice Krispies Christmas Trees

Decorating Christmas trees is just as much fun when it's a Rice Krispies tree you're dressing up. These festive treats are fun, economical and oh-so-easy to make! Definitely try this Christmas Kids Kitchen recipe!

Parenting: Is Modeling Right for Your Child? Is It Right for You?

Is Modeling Right for Your Child? Is It Right for You? Read these 10 parenting questions to determine what is best for you and your family!

10 Tips to Help Your Child Grieve the Loss of a Pet

The death of a beloved pet may seem like too much for your wide-eyed and bewildered child to handle. But kids are more resilient than we often give them credit for. Most kids will be able to adjust to the loss of a pet if your approach is honest, gentle and patient. It’s important to support and guide your child through the stages of grief that may involve denial, sadness, depression, guilt and anger, and provide the necessary outlets in order to reach a healthy recovery. Here are some parenting tips to help your child deal with the loss of a pet.

Kids Activities: Colorful Pasta Garland

My kids love putting up the tree each year. But their faces really light up when they get to decorate it with crafts they made.

Child Modeling and Why It's Probably Not for Me (or My Kids)

The first thing you need to know about child modeling is that money can’t be your motivation. When a friend of mine booked an amazing family modeling gig (they were flown out to an all-expense paid trip to Aspen worth thousands of dollars and compensated monetarily as much), I became very interested. Getting my whole family involved in modeling wasn’t a viable option with my husband’s demanding work schedule, but child modeling seemed definitely doable. I thought college fund – and more, I won’t lie. So I got the agent’s contact info my friend used and turned in pictures of my two daughters, 4 and 2. But child modeling seldom goes this way, I would learn. Read on for my experience and maybe some parenting tips that will help you decide if it's for you and your kids.

Parenting: Ways to Give the Gift of Time this Holiday

Nothing says I like you like spending time with someone. And yet, parents and children are finding it increasingly challenging to spend time together because of modern demands.

Parenting: 10 Ways to Help Your Highly Sensitive Child Thrive

High sensitivity is not always convenient, but it is a gift. Or at least it can be. As Dr. Elaine Aron, the author of The Highly Sensitive Child says, “It is primarily parenting that decides whether the expression of sensitivity will be an advantage or a source of anxiety.” So how do you get your HSC to thrive? Here are ten places to start.

Parenting: 10 Ways to Drop Your Preschooler Off at School in a Peaceful State of Mind

As a mom of two preschoolers with separation anxiety, I was first inspired to write an article about executing a tear-free drop off. Then realized the goal shouldn't be about how your child reacts to saying goodbye to you, which he may have very little control over, but about how to leave him on solid footing in a peaceful state of mind. Read to find out more parenting tips on a stress free drop off for both you and your child.

Learning to Embrace My Highly Sensitive Child

She is very hard on herself and can't stand losing. If she can't get something right the first time, she gets upset, walks away and doesn't want to continue, usually with tear-filled eyes. She's a perfectionist. Above all, she feels things deeply. Read on for more on parenting highly sensitive children.

Top 8 Air Travel Must-Haves

A flying experience for any family with young children involves enough mishaps and hiccups to make a drama-filled, knee-slapping scene worthy to be featured in the next Look Who's Talking (it could only be funny in hindsight, of course).

To Redshirt or Not: 10 Things to Consider

Do you have a child born close to the kindergarten cut-off date? You may be one of many parents in the throes of deciding whether or not to hold your child back from kindergarten until he reaches 6 years of age. Rest assured, you're not alone. But redshirting, as this practice has been popularly dubbed, is a personal decision that involves careful consideration of many factors. Here are ten parenting tips to consider.

Parenting: 8 Ways to Get Ready for Kindergarten

Is your child ready to take the first step on his academic ladder? While it's true that many kindergartens have become more academically rigorous than previous generations, the good news is that the skills he will need to acclimate and thrive haven't changed much. Kindergarten readiness is about balance, both academic and social, behavioral and mental. Here are eight parenting tips to get your little one ready.
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