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Deborah Song , gezginlerin kolay, verimli ve ??k bir ?ekilde yolculuk yapmas?na yard?mc? olan seyahat aksesuarlar? üretmeye kendini adam??, zulüm içermeyen bir ?irket olan'un kurucusudur  . Çocuklar?yla birlikte iyi yemek, daha geni? ya?am perspektifleri ve harika macera hikayeleri pe?inde dünyay? dola?may? seviyor. Deborah, Kanada do?umlu, anne giri?imci ve Los Angeles'ta ya?ayan bir yazard?r ve yüksek lisans?n? New York Üniversitesi'nden gazetecilik alan?nda alm??t?r. Seyahat hikayelerini adresinde bulabilirsiniz  .

Articles by Deborah

Why Constructive Criticism May Benefit Children More than Praise

But if you can teach your kid how to channel improvement feedback (I prefer this term to negative feedback) in a healthy and productive way, he will be way ahead of the game of life. Here are five reasons why constructive feedback can behoove your child in ways that praise could never.

A Better Year May Be Ahead. But the Best Time to Pursue Happiness is Now.

There’s no better way to teach our kids to be happy, than leading by example.

How to Raise a Secure Child During Times of Uncertainty

Here are five ways to form a secure attachment with your child.

How to Improve Your Child’s Focus Amidst the Clutter of Coronvirus

While some circumstances may be out of our control, there are ways to take back control of our minds and empower our children to do the same.

Raise the Next Generation of Problem Solvers with More Creative Learning

So if kids are natural learners, why do we expect to walk into a classroom to find a bunch of bored students?

How to Prepare for a Pandemic School Year

No matter which way you slice and dice it, parents are facing formidable challenges as they enter the new school year.

Quality Time May Trump Quantity Time, but Quantity Time Begets Quality Time

If there’s anything this quarantine has showed us, it’s that we can do surprisingly more remotely.

Stay Sane and Create Much-Needed Boundaries with Your Child

Here are some tips to help create much needed boundaries and preserve sanity.

We Can Raise Happier Kids. They Just Need to Stop Thinking About Themselves.

Even young children, research shows, care more about accomplishment than being kind, in part because they believe it’s what their parents care about most.

Kids Value Achievement Above Kindness Because We Do. And it’s Counter-Productive.

Sharing is still caring in today’s day and age. But it seems kids care about sharing second to achievement.

Help Your Child Value Diversity and Celebrate the New Year through a Different Culture

Celebrating different customs is a great way to enhance understanding and tolerance in kids. The United Nations has gone as far as to deem cultural understanding essential to world peace and stability.

DIY STEAM project: Illuminate Art With LED Lights

This innovative project will have your child wearing her artistic and engineering hat all at once.

Why Goals Help Kids Create a Life they Love

If your child seems unmotivated, it could be because your goals for her are supercedeing their own.

Teach the Gift of Tidying Up this Holiday Season

But if we can teach our kids to clean, he’ll learn to have order for a lifetime.

Teaching Gratitude Can Change a Child’s Life. Here are 10 Reasons Why.

As parents, we focus on teaching our kids how to say “thank you” to instill good manners. But teaching our kids gratitude has much more far-reaching repercussions than good manners, science shows.

Are You Spending Enough Time With Your Child? Research Seems to Suggest It’s Time to Stop Feeling Guilty.

Are You Spending Enough Time With Your Child? Research Seems to Suggest It’s Time to Stop Feeling Guilty.

10 Fun Fall Activities for the Family

Screen-Time Limiting Tips for Better Health

Understanding the specific repercussions of unmitigated screen time can help in creating necessary guidelines.

The Importance of Balancing Extracurricular Activities Between Sports and the Arts

Studies have also shown that children involved in extracurricular activities tend to have better academics than children who spend free time using electronics and avoiding social situations.

This Is the Second Most Important Thing You Can Do to Ensure Your Child Grows Up Happy and Successful.

The Harvard Grant Study found that professional success in life comes from having done chores as a kid.

Is Your Child Having a Hard Time Making Friends? Here are 9 Tips to Make Lonely Lunches a Thing of the Past.

It can be heart wrenching to watch your child play by himself or eat lunch alone. Making new friends, especially if your child is just enrolling in a new school or entering a new grade in a big school can be overwhelming for any child.
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