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101 Snow Day Boredom Busters

The snow begins to fall, the roads become slippery, it’s freezing outside, and school is cancelled. While the first snow day is fun and relaxing, there are those long stretches of no school where everyone starts to go a bit stir crazy. Try these 101 ideas to beat snow day boredom:

  1. Bake cookies (or brownies or cake)
  2. Drink hot cocoa, bonus points for making it homemade
  3. Play outside in the snow
  4. Build a fort
  5. Have a movie marathon with popcorn and candy
  6. Get out legos and blocks and build
  7. Play with play dough (if you don’t have any store bought, there are plenty of simple recipes using flour and salt))
  8. Work on a puzzle together as a family
  9. Play flashlight tag in the basement
  10. Go sledding
  11. Get out the family socks and see who can put the most on in 2 minutes
  12. Blow up balloons and try to keep them from touching the ground
  13. Have a dance party
  14. Look at old family albums
  15. Make up a story and have each person add to it
  16. Clean a closet
  17. Play dress up
  18. Play hide and seek
  19. Do a science experiment (Pinterest is full of super simple ideas)
  20. Play a board game
  21. Play keep away
  22. Write a letter to someone special and mail it
  23. Paint a picture
  24. Have a picnic lunch in your living room
  25. Have a family slumber party
  26. Play school
  27. Get out toys you haven’t played with for a long time
  28. Color in coloring books
  29. Make bead necklaces
  30. Make a photo booth with hats, masks and costumes
  31. Make sock puppets or lunch sack puppets and put on a show
  32. Fingerpaint
  33. Play Simon says
  34. Write thank you cards to soldiers
  35. Make a pile of clothes and toys to donate to a shelter or charity
  36. Use a large box to make a slide on the stairs (not for the overly cautious parent)
  37. Clear the cars out of the garage and ride bikes in circles or jump rope
  38. Match all those socks you have been letting pile up
  39. Give each other pedicures
  40. Use painter’s tape to make a race track on the floor
  41. Make a pretend beauty parlor and do everyone’s hair and makeup
  42. Melt old crayons in muffin tins
  43. Make a homemade volcano with baking soda and vinegar
  44. Eat breakfast for lunch or dinner
  45. Use items from the recycle bin to make “inventions” or “art”
  46. Start a journal
  47. Tackle the junk drawer you have been ignoring
  48. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in forever
  49. Binge watch Netflix
  50. Read a book
  51. Make ice cream out of snow
  52. Mop the floor
  53. Wear your PJ’s all day and call it a party
  54. Clean your oven
  55. Wash the curtains
  56. Wash the sheets
  57. Flip the mattresses
  58. Light the fireplace and make s'mores or make them in the microwave
  59. Tell the kids stories from your childhood
  60. Build a snowman
  61. Make a photo album or scrapbook
  62. Take a bath
  63. Have a snowball fight
  64. Make homemade pizza
  65. Dare to venture out and go to a movie
  66. Do some karaoke (YouTube has songs with the lyrics)
  67. Take naps
  68. Learn something new - check out YouTube for tutorials on anything from how to crochet to how to fix a washing machine
  69. Play Sudoku or do a crossword puzzle
  70. Do some snuggling with the kids, your significant other, or your pets
  71. Dust, vacuum, and get that house clean
  72. Make snow paint with food coloring, water, and squirt bottles
  73. Use washable markers and draw on windows or mirrors
  74. Do some gymnastics
  75. Create an obstacle course
  76. Play house
  77. Set up a restaurant
  78. Set up a tent in the living room
  79. Set up the old train set and play
  80. Print coloring sheets from the Internet and make each kid a special coloring book
  81. Use toothpicks and marshmallows to make a sculpture
  82. Make masks out of paper plates
  83. Make instruments out of stuff you have around the house and create a marching band (tambourine out of paper plates, toilet paper tube and wax paper flute, coffee can drum)
  84. Make silly faces in the mirror
  85. Make soup. Who doesn’t love soup on a cold day?
  86. Make homemade bread to go with your soup
  87. Look up random facts on the internet
  88. Get out the waffle maker, quesadilla maker, donut maker or whatever other appliance you rarely use
  89. Do the dishes
  90. Play 20 questions
  91. Put on swimsuits, lay out beach towels and pretend you are at the beach
  92. Clean the pantry and fill a sack of food to donate
  93. Have a lip synching contest
  94. Have an indoor Easter egg hunt
  95. Teach the kids how to do laundry
  96. Clean the coat closet and donate extras to charity
  97. Write that book you always talk about writing
  98. Work out
  99. Play video games
  100. Make root beer floats
  101. Make silly lists of things to do on your next snow day
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