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Creative Storage Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

by Rebecca Eanes

My father-in-law used to call my two children “tornado” and “hurricane” because of the mess they left in their wake. One minute the house was tidy, the next minute there were LEGOs, action figures, trains, wooden blocks, and cars everywhere. If my boys were ever great at anything, it was wrecking a room. 

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Children quickly amass a staggering amount of “stuff.” The haul from one birthday party or one Christmas at Grandma’s can send your tidy home dreams spiraling. Don’t fret, though. It is possible to keep a tidy house and your children! It just requires some creative storage solutions. A neat and organized system will make their rooms clutter free and the clean-up routine a snap. Here are 8 tips and solutions for decluttering and organizing your children’s spaces.


Rather than buying a changing table, place a changing pad on top of a chest of drawers. This way, you can store clothes, diapers, and toys and eliminate an entire piece of furniture in a changing table. When your little one outgrows the crib, look for trundle beds if they’re sharing a room, or beds with storage drawers. A well-crafted wooden toy box can double as a bench and provide extra seating with a soft cushion on top. 


Not sure what to do with the awkward wall space? Create a little library by placing secure floating shelves. Check out these adorable cloud shelves. Spice shelves are also great for this. It’s a cute way to get books up off the floor and out of bins, and books make any space look better! Not only does displaying books front facing look pretty, but it entices your child to read.  


Storage cubbies with labeled bins make organization simple enough for your child to clean up on their own. Knowing where everything is also cuts down on frustration and time wasted searching for that favorite wooden train or all the pieces to that Melissa & Doug set. By sorting and organizing toys in labeled bins, children begin to learn these organizational skills that will help them when they enter school and throughout life.  


Stacking crates provide a lot of options. You get to design the shelving to fit your space unlike with the storage cubbies, so they’re the perfect solution for small or awkwardly shaped spaces. They also fit neatly in the garage or attic for storing toys not in current rotation.


Are stuffed animals taking over your space? My youngest son adored stuffed animals, but they are a hassle to tidy up. They’re often too big and bulky for storage bins and a bed can only hold so many! Toy hammocks are the perfect solution for getting them up off the floor, and they actually look cute hanging out in their little hammock!


Coat hooks are one of my favorite solutions for small spaces. They’re so versatile and simple. Hang artwork up for display. Get those backpacks off the floor. Organize hats, scarves, and necklaces. Hang photos or other decor from them. Colorful or whimsical hooks liven up the space.


Repurpose your bookcase into a handy storage bench by placing it on its side, adding bins, and placing a foam cushion on top. Now your child has organized storage and extra seating which can be used as a reading nook, a calming corner, or just extra seats for friends and family. 


This simple storage trick will help your child get into the habit of putting their own clothes away, and they’ll never have to ask “Hey mom! Where are my socks?” Labeling encourages neatness and independence. Here are some free label printables for you!

A good tidying-up routine will help instill in your child the importance of keeping a clean and organized space. With these creative solutions and a consistent routine, you can have the clutter-free home of your dreams.

Rebecca Eanes is the bestselling author of multiple books including Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, The Positive Parenting Workbook, and The Gift of a Happy Mother. She is the grateful mom of two boys. 


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