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Halloween Peg Dolls: Witch and Ghost

by Liska Myers


7. The hat is ready. Add a black ribbon around it for additional decoration. You can glue the hat on the witch, but I thought it would be more fun for children to take it off and put it back on.

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8. The black paint on the witch has sufficiently dried while the hat was being made. Take white paint and with a thin brush make stripes across the witch's dress. Or maybe you will prefer a polka-dot design?

9. Now, let's work on the witch's cloak. Cut the shape shown on the picture out of black felt.

Halloween Peg Dolls10. Take a little bead and sew it onto the end of the witch's cloak, then wrap the cloak around her body and sew the ends together.

11. With a fine tip marker, draw the witch's face. Take some red yarn and glue it to her head with Fabri-Tac glue.

12. Take a bamboo skewer or any wooden dowel and cut it to make a handle for the witch's broom. Use straw or coarse threads for the broom's brush. Glue the fibres of the broom to the handle, then tie with a string.

13. Now that the witch is ready, we will finish making the ghost. Fortunately, all it needs is a couple of spooky eyes and a mouth, drawn with a marker.

Aren't they an extravagant couple? My son could not wait to play with them!

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Liska Myers is an author of the blog, Adventure in a Box, where she shares ideas on how to make wooden toys, set up a home puppet theatre, and choose the best children's books. Accompanied by her husband and son, she lives and adventures in Ontario, Canada.

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