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10 Learning Toys That Stimulate Child Development

Joe Kanooga


4. Toys That Roll and Drive

Trucks and trains, cars and airplanes, toys that roll allow kids to take their imagination on the road! Fun interaction takes place whether it be with mini hot-rods or fun ride on tactors.

Try out this awesome road and railroad tape for your kids to push (drive) their cars and trains on. They even have railroad tape that looks like it's overgrown.

5. Realistic Toys

Instead of getting your kids cheap little plastic toys like a fake vacuum cleaner, get them realistic toy broom that is just their size. Use it to teach them how to sweep the floor nicely. Or how about a kiddie sized shovel for helping dad in the garden like this awesome kid garden set.

Why not get them a small version of a baking set like a mini dough roller, measuring cups, and some small bowls? When you cook you can have them help with their small appliances.

With these options you will be teaching them daily activities and you aren't wasting your money on cheap plastic toys that don't even work and will break.

6. Dress-Up Play 

Costumes, old clothes, vintage garbs and masks are the most fun for make-believe. When children dress up, they use clothing as toys for role playing. Costumes such as cowboy clothes for boys and ballerina costumes for girls take them directly into the pretend realm.

7. Theme Sets and Dramatic Play

Themed play and dramatic play provide a pretend setting for real-world situations. Toys such as grocery store cash registers, ATM machines, play food sets, and play doctor sets are all fun and educational. Theme sets help kids to understand the world around them and motivate them to learn more about these real-world encounters.


8. Musical Toys and Games

Musical toys that sing and play soothing melodies of classic composers can stimulate baby's brain development. Children of all ages enjoy games that also light up and move to music! New technology also allows children to play music on video games, toy instruments and play notes, paving the way for learning to play real instruments in later years. And who doesn't love the dance games that allow children to get up and groove!

9. Books and Brainteasers

Perhaps the best way for young kids to learn is to read books aloud to them. It will allow them to interact and grow their imagination. Books can take your child to another world, to another time in history and can foster learning for specific topics your child may be interested in!

Taking a trip to the library can be a fun adventure! Check with your local library for reading circles, plays and events all centered around reading for your kids!

10. Builder and Construction Toys

Blocks, Lincoln Logs, Legos, Duplo, YOXO, Magnetics, Playdough...the list goes on and on! Children are provided with endless hours of play when these construction toys are introduced. Check out these fun games to play with Legos from best-selling author, Rebecca Eanes.

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